Quality equals profitable business

A successful and profitable business is probably the only objective of a company or an organization. At the competitive business environment, it is not important that one is dealing in product or services; the main focus has to be customer satisfaction. To ensure that a customer is satisfied, a number of areas need to be looked into. User friendly business environment, consistency in quality of product or services, meeting the delivery time according to customer’s expectations are some of the areas to be focused upon.  So to ensure customer satisfaction an effective quality management system has to be in place within an organization.

ISO 9001 is an international standard which provides basic requirements of a quality management system. The standard has a process approach to guide and implement quality management system for an organization. The top management is involved in setting off quality policy and organizational goals and objectives. The standard engages every employee of the company into the quality management system through its effective methodology. So the organization as a whole strives for achieving the objectives laid down by the top management.

The well placed ISO 9001 quality management system ensures a comprehensive documented procedure available for the employees. This results into consistency of output and timely corrective actions if required. Defined procedure can be handy for the new employees and even help in identifying inefficient or obsolete procedures. All such measures help in controlling the losses for the company and result in to a profitable business.

Getting certification from a reputed company like DAS Certification USA for ISO 9001 quality management system helps in identifying various deficiencies in implementation of the standard and timely corrective actions to decrease the potential losses in the long run for the company. DAS Certification USA has a team of highly experienced and trained experts who can provide value added certification for various ISO standards including ISO 9001 Quality management system, ISO 14001 Environment management system, ISO 27001 IT Security, BS-OHSAS 18001 Health & Safety and more. To know more about us kindly visit our web site http://www.dascertificationusa.com

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Safety in oil and gas industry

ISO 9001 Quality Management System is mother standard for all kind of companies and organizations dealing with product or services. The oil, petrochemical and gas industry, however, has significantly different connotation due to its extremely hazardous nature for the human life and environment. The equipment and services provider for this industry are located all over the world, therefore reliability plays an extremely important role to avoid grave consequences in case of any accident during installation and operation of the equipment. Keeping this in mind ISO Technical committee in consultation with American Petroleum Institute (API) and related oil gas and petrochemical industry, have come up with a standard ISO 29001 Certification.

ISO 29001 quality management systems is a Sector-specific standard for Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries supply chain organizations providing equipment and services to the industry. If a company or an organization is involved in providing technical, operational and support services or busy in exploration, production and refining of products, it requires ISO 29001 certification to qualify doing such business. Even those organizations which are dealing with equipment designing, manufacturing and repair for such industry are also expected to get ISO 29001 certification.

Companies which acquire ISO 29001 Certification basically demonstrate their commitment to the best practices for all the stakeholders in the industry. By complying with ISO 29001 a company can streamline its operations, improve safety for the workers and manage potential risk besides having better chances to win contracts and widen its business potentials.

We at DAS Certification USA have a team of highly qualified and experienced staff who has substantial knowledge of oil gas and petrochemical industry. We are well reputed, leading Certification body which provides accredited certification services in number of fields including Quality Management Systems, Environmental Management, Information Security, Food & health Safety etc. To contact us and to know more about various professional services provided by DAS Certification USA, kindly visit us at http://www.dascertificationusa.com

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Value addition for your company

In the present competitive business world, every organization pays special emphasize on value addition. Value addition for a company strengthens its roots in the market, gets more business and provides customer satisfaction. It gives an edge to a company over its competitor and provides confidence to customers regarding its products or services. ISO certification is definitely a value addition for those companies who wish to expand their business and attract more customers from local as well as international market.

DAS certification USA offers ISO certifications in many fields. Some of these certifications are almost mandatory for any company who wish to provide customer’s satisfaction and enhance its business potentials. The type of certification require for a company depends upon the kind of business one is dealing with. These certifications have significant value and play an important role in successful management of a company. An effective implementation of standards and getting certification by a company having professional team members helps in reducing the production cost, controlling the wastage and earning maximum profit.

DAS Certification USA have highly professional auditors and experts who provide accredited certification services for ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environment management system, ISO 27001, Information Security Management System and OHSAS 18000, Occupational health and Safety Management System.  DAS Certification USA also provides certification for ISO 22000, Food safety Management System, ISO 20000 IT Service Management System and number of others standards. For more details log on to http://www.dascertificationusa.com

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What is ISO Certification?

Certification by a company or an organization is its willingness that it is ready to operate within a set of framework to achieve its goal and objectives. Achieving ISO Certification means that the organization has an approval from a 3rd party that it is operating in accordance with the internationally recognized ISO management system.

The achievement of ISO certification is basically a proof that a company is credible and is ready to keep its promises. In other words the company is prepared, within the boundaries of ISO standards, to meet certain objectives may it be customer satisfaction objective, environmental objectives or production objectives. It is in fact a commitment by the company to its objectives which increases its credibility and provides customer confidence in the product and services offered by the company.

The ISO certification provides number of benefits to a company including widened market potential, a higher level of customer satisfaction, improved efficiency, cost saving, elevated motivation and morale of its employees and last but not the least a better chance of successful tendering  as compared to its non certified competitors.

DAS Certification USA has successfully provided ISO certification services to number of our highly respected client companies.

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ISO 27001 Certification – Guidance on Security Controls

The best and most famous part of ISO 27001 Certification is its annexure A which provides essential tools to manage security of information by a company. There is a need for a company to keep all the 114 controls in mind to accomplish their own detailed risk assessment. It is to be noted that not all the controls are mandatory for implementation; rather a company is to select all applicable controls out of the given controls in the annexure A of the standard.

The risk assessment therefore is the most important step which has to be performed to create an effective information security system in a company. It is also essential that beside finding out the most appropriate way to avoid a risk , it is necessary to assess the importance of each risk so that only the most important risk are taken care off.

The best way to do the risk assessment is to make a list of all assets of your company and find out all possible threats and vulnerabilities to your assets and its likely impact. Once the most unacceptable risk are highlighted then apply security controls from the annexure A of the standard ISO 27001 Certification to minimize the risk.

The controls in the annexure A of ISO 27001 are therefore a comprehensive list or a catalogue for your company’s Information Security Management System (ISMS), which can guide you to use security controls which are applicable to your own need and requirements.

You can see more details for ISO 27001 Certification at: http://www.dascertificationusa.com/iso-27001-certification

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