Food and safety

The consequences of unsafe food can be extremely dangerous. It can cause heavy financial loss for the company and also major loss for the individual’s family who has consumed the food which has caused the untoward incident. Food production companies should have the ISO 22000 certification. This protects both the company and the customers. ISO 22000 lays down standard and guidelines that needs to be followed by the company who is into production of food and sells it in the market. Every company into food item production, restaurants and hotels should have the certification, so that the customers can be at ease when consuming their products.

DAS certification USA is here to safeguard not only the company, hotels, restaurants but also the customers and clients equally. It is due to the ISO 22000 certification that all the units are safe and ensure that the products used, produced or manufactured are safe and edible for the people to buy and eat. The requirements mentioned in ISO 22000 standard should be followed and this enables the particular company to reach the international level and make a mark there too.

Get your company certified with ISO 22000 certification from DAS certification USA and get a hold in the international sector apart from making a mark in the national market.

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