High risk industries must have a strong certification like ISO 29001

Oil, gas & petrochemical industries have lot of things to take care of; the workers, employees and also the customers should be safe when using their product.  The manufacturing and production process needs to be checked thoroughly and only quality and best parts must be used.  This can be checked well when the company has ISO 29001 certification.  This certification compels the management to appoint a person who will do the checks thoroughly and ensure the parts used are safe and of best quality.  This will stop any accidents or other mishaps in the production or manufacturing site.

Advantages of ISO 29001 certification

  • One can be assured of the parts and assemblies used in the manufacturing and production process of oil, gas & petrochemicals.
  • The workers are safe as there will not be any accidents.
  • Customers are sure to get products that are safe to use.
  • The company will always be updated and there can be constant improvement in the work process due to ISO 29001 certification.
  • International standards will also be met because of the certification.

DAS Certification USA is the company to approach if you want to certify your business.  The certification provided by DAS is valid throughout the world.  If you need more information about different certifications, please feel free to call us and we will be happy to help you.

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