ISO 14001 Certification–Environmental Management System (EMS)

With all the industrialization there is increasing impact on the environment by the industry.  With this ever increasing production and service activities there is a need to operate responsibly to have minimal impact on the environment.  It also has impact on how much safe environment industry provides to the workers. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has done a great job by producing ISO 14001 (Requirements for Environment Management System). An EMS is the set of processes and practice which enable organization to reduce and minimize environmental impact.

ISO 14001gives well structured EMS system which provides organization to manage their environmental system so they can avoid any mishaps happened within the organization.

EMS Structured

EMS Structured

There is certainlya growingawareness and desire for providers and industries to controlnegative impact to the environment while enhancing overall performance and high-quality of their product and safeguard to their employees. Due to this, every singlemarketplaceplayerperforms to prepare, produce and put into practiceadministrationunitsin line with ISO criteria. A well structured EMS based on ISO 14001 also generatesa safer and healthierinternal environment for theirworkers by generating and executing precautionary measuresto circumventmishapsin the work place.

The ISO 14000 addresses various aspects of environmental management. It provides practical tools for companies and organizations looking to identify and control their environmental impact and constantly improve their environmental performance.

The benefits of using ISO 14001:2004 include:

    • Reduced cost of waste management
    • Savings in consumption of energy and material
    • Lower distribution cost
    • Reduced liability cost
    • Improved corporate image among regulators, customers and the public

ISO 14001 certification helps the companies to ensure that they are maintaining a well-structured and robust environment management system. It not only gives the management confidence of the environment system but also other stake holders including regulatory authorities and public a confidence on the industry. This in turn enhances a positive image of the company.

DAS Certification (USA) provides best quality of certifications for ISO 14001 Environment Management System. It is accredited by highly reputed and worldwide recognized accreditation body i.e. UKAS of UK.

The process for ISO 14001 certification is simple and easy:

  • Initial proposal approval of the DAS proposal
  • Stage 1 audit by DAS (USA) auditor (to see if the organization is ready for certification)
  • Initial Control Reviewed
  • Processes Reviewed (Internal audit and Management

Stage 2 (Certification) Audit

  • Interview Staff Members
  • Finding of the Assessment
  • Detail of the processes Audited
  • Looking areas for improvement, if any
  • Observed areas of Non-Conformance
  • Recommendation for Certification

Surveillance Audit

    • to see that your management system is continually conforming to the requirements of your selected standard
    • Audit conducted on mutually agreed intervals (not exceeding one year period)
    • Follow up on the progress
    • Follow up continual improvement of the processes

DAS (USA) will be glad to be your certification body for achieving ISO 14001 certification which you can be proud of.

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