What is ISO 9001 Certification?

Certification by a company or an organization is its willingness that it is ready to operate within a set of framework to achieve its goal and objectives. Achieving ISO 9001 Certification means that the organization has confirmation of a 3rd party that it is operating in accordance with the internationally recognized ISO 9001 management system (yes, ISO  9001 is how whole company operates not just the typical quality functions).

The achievement of ISO 9001 certification is basically a proof that a company is credible and is ready to keep its promises. In other words the company is prepared, within the boundaries of ISO 9001 standards, to meet certain objectives may it be customer satisfaction objective, environmental objectives or production objectives. It is in fact a commitment by the company to its objectives which increases its credibility and provides customer confidence in the product and services offered by the company.

The ISO 9001  certification provides number of benefits to a company including widened market potential, a higher level of customer satisfaction, improved efficiency, cost saving, elevated motivation and morale of its employees and last but not the least a better chance of successful tendering  as compared to its non certified competitors.

DAS Certification /QCS has successfully provided ISO 9001 certification services to number of our highly respected client companies. For any question or queries please click here http://www.dascertificationusa.com/contact-us

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