What is ISO Certification ?

If we want to purchase any item or electric appliance we will see the standard mark on that particular gadget. Is it correct or not? Yes, absolutely, everyone will see the standard of ISO on the gadget. ISO 20000 certification is the first international standard for IT service management and it developed in the year 2005, by ISO/ SC7/ IEC JTC1 and improved in 2011. It is mainly based on and intended to succeed the earlier BS 15000 which was developed by BSI Group. It is an international IT standard which allows companies to eloquent brilliance and proves preeminent practice in IT management. The standard ensures companies can accomplish evidence-based standard to develop continuously their delivery of IT services. Our company was released in 2005 based on the IT infrastructure library (ITIL®) best practice framework, and was updated in 2011. The acceptance of our company has grown quite rapidly in the international arena of IT service providers and it has developed into an insistent differentiators for delivery of IT services.

The APM Group Ltd owns and operates the standards of our company Organizational Certification Scheme previously managed by it SMF. Our standard market-leading proposal allows organizations to demonstrate the quality of their IT processes through certification against the standard. And the standard of ISO like its BS 15000 precursor, which was initially developed to replicate best practice supervision enclosed within the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) framework, even though it similarly supports other IT service management frameworks and approaches including Microsoft Operations Framework and components of ISACA’s COBIT framework.

The discrimination between our company and BS 15000 has been addressed by Jenny Dugmore. Our company 2:2012 provides assistance on the application of service management systems (SMS) based on the requirements in 1:2011. Our company next standard 2:2012 can able to answer many of the questions organizations and individuals have about implementing an SMS, as well as how to understand and apply the standard 2011more exactly and consequently use it more effectively. As with most ISO standards, organizations and individuals look for training towards establishing knowledge and excellence in applying the standard. The certification scheme aims organizations, even though the qualification scheme aims individuals also.

Qualification of individuals is mainly offered by APMG-International, PECB, EXIN Loyalist Certification Services, TÜV SÜD Academies, PEOPLECERT, and IRCA. The APMG qualifications are mainly paying attention on getting an organization certified and assume knowledge of IT Service Management is previously available. The APMG qualifications are conducted at the institute, Practitioner and Auditor stage. IRCA and further organizations involved in the certification of auditors have developed their own auditor training and official recognition for ISO standard auditors.

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