Oil, gas & petrochemical industries can now give a sigh of relief with ISO 29001 Certification

High risk industries like oil, gas & petrochemical needs to be extra careful in taking care of the workers and employees who work in these organizations.  It is important to keep the workers safe, because of the volatile substance used in this business, it becomes mandatory for the company to certify itself with ISO 29001 Certification.  The certificate lays down standard that has to be followed by the company.  This helps the company to do basic checks and ensure quality parts and assemblies being used in the production and manufacturing process.

  • The certification builds confidence among customers and clients.
  • The company is able to get more new projects for it to do well in the market.
  • Due to ISO 29001 Certification the part and assembly used are checked thoroughly and only best parts are sent to the customers.
  • The finished product is safe to be used by the customer and clients in oil & gas industry.
  • The business does well because of following the certification.

DAS Certification USA is the certification body which offers ISO 29001 Certification and is helping several companies who are into oil, gas & petrochemical production.  Get more details about the certification from DAS by just giving us a call or visiting our office.

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