Organizations dealing with oil, gas & petrochemical products need to be ISO 29001 certified

Organizations operating in oil and gas supply chain need to have a certain certification and that is ISO 29001 certification to achieve the quality management system standard.  This is a requirement for all the company’s dealing with oil, gas & petrochemical products.  It ensures quality and safety of the products and assemblies used during the manufacturing or production process.  It builds confidence among both customers and clients.  People feel safer with the certification and are drawn to companies that are certified with this particular certification.

  1. This certification helps in gathering international audience.
  2. There is confidence among clients and customers with regards to materials used and also the parts used during the production or manufacturing process.
  3. Workers feel safe due to this certification.
  4. The company has a say in the international market once they are certified with ISO 29001 Certification.
  5. Bring down cost and increase efficiency.
  6. Get an edge over the competitors with this certification.
  7. Because of the certification marketing the business becomes extremely easy.
  8. You will always follow the standard if you are certified.
  9. Always get the business certified with ISO 29001 if you deal with oil, gas & petrochemical products.

DAS Certification USA is the company that assists companies with certifications in various ISO standards.  Get the business certified and you are sure to expand the business in international locations, do not worry about quality standard and you will also easily build confidence among clients and customers when it comes to your company’s products or services.

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